Environmental Compliance Documentation (NEPA/CEQA)

Mr. Norling has, since the implementation of his career in the early 1990’s, prepared a myriad of environmental studies, and thus, has nearly 23 years of experience in assessing environmental impacts and implementing the requirements of the National and California Environmental Policy Acts (NEPA/CEQA). This experience is particularly significant in that his work with local agencies, on issues where public controversy was focused, has produced a track record of substantial success in devising practical approaches to the mitigation of potential environmental concerns. WRC’s NEPA/CEQA support services are comprehensive and encompass all aspects of the NEPA/CEQA process, including scoping, identification and evaluation of alternatives, resource surveys and inventories, assessment of environmental consequences, mitigation, monitoring, and permitting.

WRC provides the full breadth of technical capabilities and the depth in each discipline to evaluate the most complex technical issues. However, successful completion of the NEPA/CEQA process also requires experience coordinating an experienced team, ensuring compliance with the strict NEPA/CEQA process guidelines, coordinating with regulatory agencies, and developing a quality final product.

Project Coordination

A significant challenge in developing successful NEPA/CEQA documents is coordinating a team of technically diverse, often remote, specialists. Mr. Norling brings to WRC, extensive experience in managing and preparing NEPA/CEQA documents, as well as coordinating NEPA/CEQA teams with representatives from other companies.

Procedural Compliance

In addition to adequate technical evaluation of potential impacts, the principal regulatory issue surrounding NEPA/CEQA compliance is compliance with procedural requirements. This means that for each project, all related and connected issues must be included and analyzed. Also, proposed actions and reasonable alternatives must be identified in sufficient detail so that reasonably foreseeable consequences can be adequately analyzed. WRC recognizes the crucial importance of consistent, careful adherence to the NEPA/CEQA process, particularly with regard to legal challenges that have become increasingly common. The legal defensibility of NEPA and CEQA documentation is directly attributable to the quality of the substantial evidence that is compiled in the preparation of these documents, the emphasis placed on public outreach and participation, and the development of an administrative record that demonstrates the technical and procedural adequacy of the environmental process undertaken by the Lead Agency.

Agency Coordination and Consultation

Throughout his career, Mr. Norling has established an excellent record regarding the procedural adequacy of the NEPA/CEQA process. Part of the success is due to his in-depth understanding of the consultative process involving state and federal agencies involved with NEPA/CEQA. Mr. Norling has been particularly successful with the comprehensive incorporation all Section 7 consultations. WRC understands the importance and necessity of compliance and coordination with state and federal agencies responsible for natural resources management. This is critically important where proposed actions have the potential to affect sensitive, threatened, or endangered species or their habitat, under the federal or California Endangered Species Acts.

NEPA/CEQA Compliance Services:

  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Environmental Assessment (EA), Categorical Exclusion (CE), Environmental Impact Report (EIR), Initial Study (IS), and Negative Declaration/Mitigated Negative Declaration (ND/MND) Document Management and Production

  • NEPA/CEQA Program Management

  • Alternatives Development

  • Agency Consultation and Coordination Public Scoping and Planning Support

  • Baseline Environmental Surveys (biological, cultural, paleontological, etc.)

  • GIS Data Collection and Analysis

  • Cumulative Impact Analysis

  • Public Meeting Coordination, Facilitation, and Support

  • Response to Comments

  • Preparation of Record of Decision and Finding of No Significant Impact

WRC Environmental Compliance Services
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